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#CraftsmanDirect understands that what you cook often depends upon how easy your kitchen is to use. Getting enough counter space in my home greatly increased the quality of healthy meals I made. With this week being National School Breakfast Week (see, #CraftsmanDirect thought we'd discuss #KitchenRemodeling.

Did you know that the basic kitchen layout has been the same since the 1920s? The family matriarch, Lillian Gilbreth, upon whom the book (and movie) "Cheaper by the Dozen" was based did not even cook. However, both she and her husband were the pioneers of motion study; that is, how to do things most efficiently in the least amount of time. Based upon her scientific analysis of how many steps it took from counter to refrigerator to oven, the "most efficient" kitchen layout was designed and the basic premise has mostly stuck. (See Slate: modern kitchen for more.)

#CraftsmanDirect wants to know how your #kitchen feels. Is the flow of motion sensible? Do you have enough counter space? Cupboard space? Shelving space? Do people eat in your kitchen or in another room? Would you like a #BreakfastBar or #KitchenIsland? Do you love your kitchen but hate the color? Maybe the sink just has to go. A #KitchenRemodel can fix most, if not all, of these issues.

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