#KitchenRemodel: Smart appliances for smart eating?

#CraftsmanDirect knows that eating smart is a good idea. Smart appliances in your #KitchenRemodel not so much. Communication between devices is still poor and the price is still high.

Instead, #CraftsmanDirect suggests a good solid door in your #KitchenRemodel. Save energy and keep drafts from interfering with your cooking and dining experiences.

Cold drafts flowing onto your stove and oven force them to work harder to get to and maintain the desired temperature. Likewise, warm drafts onto your refrigerator cause it to run more to keep foods cool. Dining in a draft of any kind can be unpleasant with rare perfect weather exceptions.

Currently, investing in good #doors and #windows on a #kitchen #remodel will pay off far more than buying a smart appliance. Technology is changing far too fast at this time and the communication platforms are anything but integrated on today's very expensive smart appliances.


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